Stellar Babe Collection

The true first Stellar Babe strip is the one pager First Contact. It was well received, but did little to tell us who the main character was. It was more to set the stage for the next wave of storiesĀ (which were also one pagers as well). This new version of the comic though demanded an origin story, if for nothing else, than to actually get a real idea of the main character, not just her universe.

Call it an evolution, with the new SB narrative a change in the basic storylines had to occur. This incarnation won’t just be a string of one page fast paced jokes, it will also include short stories and longer self contained arcs as well. This is the reason Day Zero had to happen.

If you can’t tell by now, I adore both new and old sci-fi and you’ll be able to smell its influences all over this. A lot of it can be a total landfill of who knows what, but on the other hand, there is so much done right it’s hard to know where to begin. With modern media history (Movies, TV, Comics, Novels, etc…) alone we have over a century of content to sift through. To Quote the Tick, by Ben Edlund, “That’s a whole lotta Aztecs!”

In the not too distant future (unlike SB which is a couple hundred years off) we’re about to launch a story arc longer than DayZ, and way longer than the
next few strips. Coming up areĀ 3 shorts of the original SB run in Vortext Magazine and Radio Comics. Like we said elsewhere in the site, these will be integrated into the continuity. Note though, the art style may be jarring, eeeeeeeks!

Yer Pals,

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