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Welcome to Transmission Tuesday! This is an addition to the updates we do for Stellar Babe where we do various extra announcements about the comic and other subjects. Things from side notes about the strip, characters, chats about art and artists, to also special upcoming promotions we will be doing. Today’s post is about a local convention appearance.

Back in the 90’s I got to co-chair a con into existence (well actually evolve a small gameday into something way more interesting). This became Visioncon where I was also part of the V-Con committee for the first 5 years, then working off and on for the next few years. Had to scale back doing anything with the con for the most part due to job items and taking care of my grandmother Vera in the later years of her life (physical things not mental). Still though, I managed to work with Scott New and Dave Stanfield when they chaired  the con in the early 2000s (doing the program book with Tim Bauer and Chris Harris, whom coincidentally work with me on Stellar Babe).

Now that Stellar Babe is officially launched I’ll be returning as an artist, as well as tabling with author Doug Roberts and Darkwater fiction the weekend of Feb 24-26, 2017! If you need more info on Visioncon, go to www.visioncon.net.

Which leads us to our next announcement.

Thanks to everyone for helping, we hit our 100 likes goal so it’s definitely FREE SB STICKERS FOR ALL at Vcon on the Feb 24th weekend! Just drop by the table, look for the Darkwater Fiction, Lebanon Megacon, and Stellar Babe logos and demand free stuff  —  well at least the sticker.

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Stellar Babe – Day Zero Collection

Stellar Babe Collection

The true first Stellar Babe strip is the one pager First Contact. It was well received, but did little to tell us who the main character was. It was more to set the stage for the next wave of stories (which were also one pagers as well). This new version of the comic though demanded an origin story, if for nothing else, than to actually get a real idea of the main character, not just her universe. (more…)

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Greetings from Patrol Complex Alpha

Welcome the the uhm er NEW Stellar Babe comic! Now before people complain that “Hey!?, There’a a ton of old crusty art in this thing, yuk!”, yes we know this. Reason, this project is not a direct retcon, the original strips are going to be integrated into the new strips timeline. Their existences will not be ignored or in vain and will be affecting the main storylines, so there, nyah.  In the future there will be special events, and prizes that will happen from time to time so keep a lookout for that. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and  Youtube feeds coming soon, just check the top of the site as these things become available.

And thanks again for watching!

See you soon.

Phil, Tim, n Chris.

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